♡ Oh, it was one of the best experiences I've ever had!!! I loved loved loved your Sound Alchemy Workshop!!!


Julia K.

Nanny, Student

♡ “People say that the soul, on hearing the song of creation, entered the body, but in reality the soul itself was the song.” As stated by Hazrat Inayat Khan, song, the lovechild of sound, is often seen as separate from us when in actuality song is our spirit transmuting emotions into vibrations : the language of the universe. 

A light-worker aligning with this wisdom, Shanna through her sound-healing workshop, invites you to hear your own song within. 

My experience during Shanna's sound healing and crystal therapy workshop was magical to say the least. As a music artist experiencing a sound bath led by someone with the same innate gift was much more of a connection than I have experienced in past sound baths. There is a huge difference when music is the joy and epicenter of the healer’s being rather than viewed solely as “just” another tool to reconnect another to their higher self. There is amplified conviction in Shanna’s sound healing workshop that I haven’t experienced elsewhere because of her passion and natural abilities with music. Beyond a sound healer, Shanna is a raw artist and experimentalist marrying vibrations from traditional singing bowls to the human voice’s enchanting melodies. In connecting the two, Shanna provides a very distinct symbol of the capability we all have within to free our inner voices and literally elevate them to meet and vibrate with truth.

Hearing a human voice alongside the singing bowls builds a deeper relation with the tones you experience: a bridge between what we view as sonically separate from the human body and the sound waiting to be released from within our heart’s hidden corridors. I experienced colors with my eyes closed—-a pure deep indigo violet , and I felt an angelic presence massage my temple right where my third eye is seated: a veil was being lifted.

Shanna’s workshop is a majestic testimonial in of itself on how sound’s highest intention frees one’s soul to their divine nature.


Monique C.

Music Artist

♡ I want to thank you for such a wonderful experience this past Sunday. Your 2 hour workshop exceeded my expectations.

I particularly enjoyed the way you approached teaching  the Chakras, it was clearest and most accessible explanation of the Chakras I have ever had. Having the class pick their own crystals and resonate to the ones they picked was brilliant. I kept my crystals on my body for the entire workshop and I felt an incredible clearing of energy and comforted by them. Your chanting and sound vibration work was beautiful. It was a perfect follow through after we opened our hearts, minds, and bodies with the crystals.

As you know I am a Certified Nurse Midwife and Yoga Instructor, and both those professions are very demanding. I found that working with energy and sound vibration to be of great benefit to me. I left the workshop feeling relaxed and rested. I think this type of healing is important for all of us humans living on this planet. I cherish my experience with you look forward to our next workshop.


Elena L.

Certified Nurse Midwife and Yoga Instructor

♡ Shanna's singing is pure magic and truly out-of-this-world. I felt as if I were in a Disney movie, with her voice as the tour guide leading me through a mystical, magical, fairy tale filled with fun, play and child-like adventure. An amazing high vibration tool for manifesting, I believe that her voice heals hearts, lift spirits and guides souls to their destination. At one point during the beginning of the singing mediation, as the vibrations of her angelic voice rolled over me like waves of the ocean, I had to open my eyes to physically see where this heavenly voice was coming from...it's enchanting! I was in a state of fantasy and manifesting my heart's true desires through the beauty of her voice and depths of her tones. Her fairy essence captures your soul and reminds you it's okay to feel like a child again. It's magical!!! Shanna, you are a true gift to Mother Earth and to all human beings. Thank you for sharing your beautiful gifts with me.


Megan D.

Reiki Practitioner/Angel Intuitive