Star-Children … BEing the Message…

When I get ready to do a reading, I like to set the stage.  There’s something rather pre-meditative in walking around the cottage and waiting for different crystals and plant friends to call out their eagerness to participate in my magickal endeavors.  This early August morning, (Full Moon in Aquarius with Lunar Eclipse / Leo Sun Energy) I had been called to do an energetic, universal reading. There’s some message Spirit has for us as a planetary whole, and it’s been making the hair on my skin wave with enthusiastic abandon. 

Deciding to use four different decks of my beloved cards – a mix of oracle and tarot – to channel this message, I saged and opened with the third-eye singing bowl before settling down on the rug and preparing the space. I like to create a sacred altar when I do readings, so I placed Fuchsite in the Northern node along with the flower of an orchid that had just dropped off from its body. In the Western node I set my abalone shell and inside the shell arranged a few miniature pieces of aqua aura.  The Southern node called for carnelian and garnet, along with the incense holder.   For the airy Eastern node, staurolite, my quartz faerie wand, a peacock feather and a fuzzy white feather from a wood owl felt right. The center of the space I set a thick rhombus-shaped slab of selenite from the Room of Swords and placed a giant pinecone I had found in Yosemite in its middle. As an afterthought, I grabbed my selenite sword and kyanite wand, and placed them both in the Eastern section. Settling down with my Lemurian, I blessed and activated the space and opened myself up to Spirit.

I began with my oldest deck, the Faerie Oracle1. Shuffling and whispering prayers, I asked that my blessed messenger come and be most welcome. Out of the deck popped Tobaira of the Waters. Ethereal, luminescent, poignant Tobaira. With her hands, she cups streams of silver liquid and her wings have threads of moisture woven into their delicate design. Tobaira reminded me of the childhood tales of faerie wells and springs that grace this planet, little liquid blessings that grant health, creative and metaphysical gifts to those lucky enough to come upon them.  Water is such a mutable element. It is our intuition and it is our emotions. Faeries and mermaids and other water elementals take care of this source. The waters of the faeries reflect the emotional state of humanity. The card spoke of the pollution of the waters and the magic that was being diluted, due to the unfortunate patterns and behaviors of devastation and disrespect we’ve created.  I puzzled at this. It’s no secret that our waters are in trouble - that we, as human beings, have been wasteful and have polluted the very waters we need for life, diluting their enchantment and organic healing powers with our choices. This message of concern was not a new one, and it seemed a sad and disheartening thing. 

I decided to move to the Fairy Tarot2 next, hoping for clarification. The Fairy Tarot gave me my personal message. I wasn’t expecting a personal message, as I was doing an invocation for planetary consciousness. Upon reflection, it makes sense. We are all one – the energy and light in me is reflected in all. The message was that of creation, love and intent. That of self-health and balance. That of fulfillment and changing the world. Yay.

From this set I delved into my shadow faery’s of the Hidden Realms3 deck and pulled the Moon.  As this was the dawn of the Full Moon in Aquarius with the Lunar Eclipse, I was pleased and not surprised. Moon is emotions as well.  Moon is questions and longings and seeking. A complex and dynamic card, the Moon reminds us that our Higher Selves know the answer, even if we, in our overstimulation in the mundane realm, do not. I pulled this card in the Northern Node, of Earth. Answers are in the heartbeat of Mother Earth, to press our bodies into the nurturing body of the mother and feel her breath, hear her rhythm, this is what Moon passed to me.

From the West I asked for the undines to grace me with their presence (these are beautiful elements of water). I love the synchronicity of Sprit – using the Mermaid Oracle4, I pulled the Divine Feminine. This message spoke strongly of being authentic and being in balance. Honoring the Divine Feminine will bring abundance in life. Honoring the Divine Masculine will provide the protection we need to nurture this abundance. Having the balance of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine is the key to having the balance and ease in ALL. The imbalance of the Divine Union in humanity has been affecting the balance of the nature. This is being reflected in all that we see, all that we do, all that we interact with. 

My final card was from the Crystal Oracle5 deck. This deck is the only crystal deck I use, and it is quite dear to my heart. I spent nine hours bonding with it January 1st of 2016.  (I shall write a review of it soon). The crystal that chose to appear was Malachite, a master crystal of clearing. Although Malachite vibrates at the heart-chakra green of earthly love, she has a hidden yellow flame that resonates with purification and the solar plexus.  Malachite, “finds the seed of illness or disharmony and surface it into awareness for healing. She is the crystal of courage and determination who infuses the drive to seek a better way, casting away the self-limitations and attachments to the past, especially where fear and guilt are concerned.” (Asar).

I had to sit for a bit and breathe it all in. Powerful energy and medicine had made itself heard this hour, and I wanted to make sure that I understood. The faeries spoke of diseased waters and matching the rhythm of our heartbeats to the Earth. The mermaids spoke of the imbalance of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. Malachite presided over the reading, offering her strong and turbulent gift of purification and change.  Nothing revealed was new - if anything, this information was old testament to the journey and will of many who have been dedicating their lives to bringing awareness to the state of the world. What was the new message? 

And then it dawned on me. Perhaps the new message was not new at all, just not as popular. I spoke with Nicole Pigeault6, a renowned Theta Healing Practitioner and Angel Therapist (and also one of my dearest friends) about my reading. She is the one who opened my eyes to the realization that the fairy-folk were not trying to tell me anything new about the state of the world. What they were trying to make me remember was the power I already held in changing the state of anything through the power of intention.  She told me of Dr. Masaru Emoto, the Japanese revolutionary whose experimentation worked to prove the effect of human consciousness on the molecular structure of water.  His research showed how water molecules reacted to both positive and negative thought and words and that, “polluted water could be cleaned through prayer and positive visualization.[7]  She told me of how he would invite groups of children to the edge of lakes and ponds and ask them to imagine the waters being clear and clean. He would ask the aid of children, because their imagination was still fresh and active and he found that they were more in tune with their gifts of intention.  According to documentations, the waters were able to be purified by this.

We spoke of how a single bowl of water can represent any body of water, and that with intention, disease and pollution can be cleared and the waters can be purified. It is with intention, (the power of the human will that is our inherent gift) that we can positively impact anything. I am terribly excited about this. It always amazes me how the Higher Self ultimately makes itself heard. The coevality of this reading was humbling. Gather strength from the earth, press into her bosom, and allow life essence to resonate with the Great Mother. With the power of Malachite, meditate and allow the frequency of this rippled green gem to purify lineage and essence, to allow a rebirth into a potent flower ready to pollinate this planet with spirit. Be aware, be present and be the light. Hold the space and hold the energy with intent. This was the message. This is the Truth. 

I will be holding a special Full Moon ceremony for this purpose September 16th . Please email me if you feel the call to join in this space. I would love to share and celebrate with any who resonate and have had similar experiences. 

In peace, love and light! 



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