Greetings! Welcome to a bit of my heart! I am Mama to a baby daughter and live with my beloved in a hamlet in the forests of Southern Oregon. We are tiny-cottage-loving folk who try to live as sustainably as possible and keep material items to a minimum. This will be a spot where I share experiences and musings I have on being a nature-based Mama and raising a Little in a creative lifestyle. In addition to Sound Alchemy (check my events page for, well, events!) faerie readings, medicinal blends and crystal classes, I also create and release meditative music, chants, host Wheel-of-the-Year ceremonies and sew heirloom faeries and gnomes - no hot glue! Everything is hand-stitched and all materials are local, organic and blessed with faerie magick.  I have my first children's book coming in 2019 (see the "professional bio below 😊).  I reside in the forest and no longer live in cities but travel frequently with my forever-love and baby girl (stay tuned for "5 states in 1 month with a 10 month old" in May!).  I'm so pleased to meet you! Please feel free to send me an email and while I am not doing individual sessions at this time, I am doing custom orders as well as performing/hosting and teaching sound and crystal workshops. I hope to see you soon and share in the magic of this amazing world we live in!

Official Bio 

Shanna Lynn is a certified Crystal Alchemist, Faeriologist, Sound Alchemist, Energy Artist, and Reiki 1 and 2 Practitioner. Deeply in tune with the mysteries of the Ancients and a Star-Child herself, her minimalistic, sustainable lifestyle and sacred reverence for the Elementals reflect her beliefs and loving relationship with Nature. Shanna implements crystal energy, vocal healing and Earth Essence into her daily practices and energy sessions, focusing on a holistic lifestyle that honors love and light for all life-forces. She now feels the call to offer her services on a more Universal scale, providing empowerment and Elemental connections to the new generations. Shanna has over three decades of working with faeries, nature, spirits and the stars. She has studied under Doreen Virtue and Antea Rood. 

Shanna has been an integral part of the AURA SHOP Team in Santa Monica, CA and resides in the enchanting forest of Ashland, OR where she continues to offer services and host events for the Southern Oregon and Mount Shasta regions. She writes a blog capturing her journey as Mama to her baby daughter, whom she is raising in the mythos of the Wheel of the Year and under the Sacred Priestess oath of Steward of the Earth and will be publishing a children’s book in 2019 titled Song of the Trees as well as a guided meditation/prayer oracle set for children in 2021. Shanna will be in the LA area monthly for special events, workshops and musical performance.

Her newest musical work will be released on July 27, 2018. These songs reflect the teachings and mystical knowledge Shanna has learned from many months spent  in the surrounding mountain areas of Oregon and California. Dubbed "faerie-viking-electronica," the latest songs are a reflection of the heartbeat of the Great Mother merging with the heart-song of the human longing for sacred sensuality and primal thrills of the authentic voice of ancient magic and mystery. You can check all music-related fun at