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Bright Greetings Kindred Spirits and welcome to my little star-plot here in cyber space! My name is Shanna. I follow the Old Ways (with my own Neo-twist!).  I  am exploring and creating family culture with an emphasis on magickal integration and thought it would be fun to share the journey and adventures our little forest family has. 

I have a baby daughter, whom I am raising in the mythos of the Wheel of the Year and under the Sacred Priestess oath of Steward of the Earth.  I'm into organic and authentic lifestyle - or what I consider authentic lifestyle, lol! I really like the concept of being self-sustainable and as much as I would love to live in a bare part of the alps with town a good day's journey, I have come to realize that I need to be at least 25 min from the nearest store. All in due time though, right? I'm  teaching myself how to make whatever I or my family would want (yay YouTube videos!) and also trying to keep "stuff" to a minimum. I will be sharing what has worked and what hasn't for us - please let me know  any ideas that have worked for you!

On the esoteric wonders: I practice and implement a mystical and sacred lifestyle; the tools, rituals, teachings and tidbits I use, (such as crystals, oracles, tarot, sound, color, elemental partnerships, etc) has been a lifetime and past-lifetimes of cultivation and learning. I have been the hermit for a few years, exploring the world and re-grounding my physical self into this realm (and that will be a whole special blog one day, lol!). I create music of many genres but my special passion is a collection of faerie-viking-electronic (releasing songs in the Summer of 2018). I'm also a Sound Alchemist, Elemental Conduit, Reiki practitioner, Educator of old-world lifestyle, Advocate of traditional healing foods and Earth Mama. Oh, you can read more in the "About" section 🤗

I'm so excited to share space with you and I hope that my blog and video chats/tutorials bring you some inspiration or a sense of community. I am not doing individual sessions at this time (focusing on baby, this blog and my music, which you can check out at Medicinal blends and sacred tools will periodically be posted for sale (I follow moon and sun cycles with star alignments and will travel to certain landmarks for their gifts when called). I also create one-of-a kind folk gnomes and faeries from sustainable, organic and local goods.

Faerie Blessings to you!